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Food is one of the most important things about any party. List of types of food might vary depending on who do you invite. Some people might be allergic, some of them don´t eat meat and so on. If we invite someone, we should definitely think about what is their preferred type of food. And where do we find this information? Easily just ask your friends you plan to invite or let them write down a list of their favorite meals.

Jídlo s vodou

When it comes to some main meals like lunch or dinner, it should be only one meal and nothing more. Well… while having lunch you can also think about dessert and stuff like that, but that also depends on what type of main meal it was. We do not want our friends to fall asleep after good food in the middle of the party right. So, it´s recommended to choose a meal that doesn´t make you feel full but also not hungry.

Or you can fill the gaps in between meals with snacks. And one of the “snack” meal is brunch. It is basically something between breakfast and lunch. So, if you want your party to begin before lunch time, it is a great way how to make everyone satisfied and not feeling hungry. What to prepare for bachelorette´s brunch

Depends on how good are your cooking skills (if you will cook by yourself) and what your friends prefer. It is recommended to make something that can be eaten very fast and doesn´t make you feel instantly full. Something like: one bites, cookies, chips or little sushi pieces. The list of meals is literally endless and it´s up to you what you want to make.


Also note that it should be served nicely, in some basket with flowers for example. You can also make it as a picnic time and be creative. Or, if you want a company to make it for you, you can tell them what you imagine the brunch to be like. It is about having a great time and not to be stressed, so make everything how you think it is the best.